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Our Collective Responsibilities - Codes of Conduct on The Ridge


We have only just published the update to the Countryside Code which outlines our collective responsibilities in relation to the countryside.

Whilst the Cheshire Rural Crime Team have been generally pleased in recent days, they do alert everyone to the following:

  • Dog poo bags which have been left behind — please take them away with you
  • Evidence of a large fire in the Rawhead area which can, of course, have devastating consequences
  • Speeding on rural roads in the locality — far too many motorists have been observed hitting their brakes when they spot the police vehicles and/or using some rural roads as rat runs/speed tracks

We would also wish to emphasise to all individuals that fires, BBQs and firepits are completely unacceptable anywhere on the Sandstone Ridge.

  • We have received recent complaints of fires in cave areas on the Ridge (something on which we have reported previously and which is extremely dangerous CLICK HERE)
  • And, that a fire pit has been created near Kitty's Stone on Bickerton Hill (again, this is completely unacceptable). Kitty, for those of you who don't know, was the wife of Leslie Wheeldon who helped the National Trust acquire the northern end of Bickerton Hill in 1991. A memorial plaque honours her and hopes that 'others enjoy these Cheshire Hills as much as she did'

Respect, protect and enjoy the countryside.