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A range of free publications is available for download to help you enjoy your visit to the Sandstone Ridge, including points of interest and attractions, all beautifully illustrated with watercolours by wildlife artist Kim Atkinson.


The Archaeology of Helsby Hill (PDF, 475KB)
The Archaeology of Woodhouse Hill (PDF, 487KB)
The Archaeology of Kelsborrow Castle (PDF, 495KB)
The Archaeology of Eddisbury Hill (PDF, 451KB)
The Archaeology of Beeston Crag (PDF, 498KB)
The Archaeology of Maiden Castle (PDF, 432KB)


Broadleaf woodland (PDF, 352KB)
Meres and mosses (PDF, 391KB)
Lowland heath (PDF, 337KB)
Species-rich grassland (PDF, 331KB)


A circular walk around Helsby Hill and Woodhouse Hillfort(PDF, 780KB)
A circular walk around Eddisbury and Kelsborrow Hillforts (PDF, 689KB)
A circular walk around Beeston Crag (PDF, 697KB)
A circular walk around Maiden Castle, Bickerton (PDF, 626KB)

A selection of publications from previous projects that have taken place on the Sandstone Ridge is also available: (Please note that some of these are large files and may take a little while to download).

HLF Transition Project. Cheshire Sandstone Ridge: Towards a Sustainable Future

Insights Paper. The Sandstone Ridge Trust, 2018 (PDF, 7.6MB)
Sandstone Ridge Atlas. The Sandstone Ridge Trust (PDF, 22.3MB)
Delivery Model Options Appraisal. The Sandstone Ridge Trust (PDF, 2.4MB)

Ridge: Rocks and Springs

Ridge: Rocks and Springs Evaluation Report. The Sandstone Ridge Trust, 2017 (PDF, 37.4MB)
The Ridge: Rocks and Springs – a sandstone legacy. The Sandstone Ridge Trust, 2017 (PDF, 108.8MB)
Interim Report: Urchin's Kitchen. The Sandstone Ridge Trust, 2017 (PDF, 67.5MB)
Ridge: Rocks and Springs Project Handbook 2015. A volunteer's guide. The Sandstone Ridge Trust, 2015 (PDF, 7.7MB)

Habitats and Hillforts

Habitats and Hillforts Evaluation Report. Cheshire West and Chester Council, October 2012 (PDF, 12.5MB)
Hillforts of the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge. Dan Garner, Cheshire West and Chester Council, October 2012 (PDF, 10.8MB)
Captured Memories. Cheshire West and Chester Council, 2011 (PDF, 100.2MB)
Fertile Ground. Art & Photography inspired by Cheshire's Sandstone Ridge. Cheshire West and Chester Council, 2012 (PDF, 66.5MB)

Sandstone Ridge ECOnet Partnership

Progress Report April 2005 – March 2009 Cheshire County Council 2009 (PDF, 3.3MB)

Life ECOnet Project

Networks for Life: Ecological Network Analysis for Cheshire County. Alterra, 2003 (PDF, 11.6MB)
Networks for Life: Scenario development of an ecological network in Cheshire County. Alterra, 2003 (PDF, 19MB)
Life ECOnet Final Report brochure. Cheshire County Council, 2003 (PDF, 1.3MB)

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