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There are cycling routes, off-road tracks, short climbs and fantastic scenery to suit the whole family as well as the more serious cyclist.

  • Fruits of the Forest – a 28 km/15 mile circular route starting and finishing in Delamere Forest, taking in some of the area's quiet villages and hamlets nestling beneath the Ridge including Kelsall, Boothsdale, Utkinton and Quarrybank.
  • Delamere Forest Park is ideal for cycling, and the Forestry Commission offers a variety of trails for all abilities from relaxing family rides to mountain bike trails and a bike skills area.

Sections of three long-distance cycling routes also traverse the Ridge.

  • National Cycle Network Route 45 – begins in Chester, heads south to Tattenhall, crosses the Ridge between Peckforton and Bickerton Hills, heading to Shrewsbury, through the West Midlands, and to its final destination in Salisbury, some 270 miles later!
  • Regional Cycle Route 70 [the Cheshire Cycleway] – a 282 km/176 mile round trip of Cheshire taking in the hills of both the Sandstone Ridge and gritstone of East Cheshire and the Peak fringe, and the flat expanses of the Cheshire Plain in between. The route crosses the north of the Ridge in an east-west direction through Delamere Forest, and then again on the return loop alongside Bickerton and Peckforton Hills in the south.
  • Regional Cycle Route 71 – a 100 km/62 mile route that runs across Cheshire from east to west. The route starts at one of the highest points in the county at Teggs Nose Country Park and extends down to the westernmost point in Cheshire, at Neston overlooking the Welsh hills. On its journey, the route takes in the Sandstone Ridge between Little Budworth Country Park, and the villages of Cotebrook, Utkinton and Willington, before heading on to Tarvin, Chester and journey's end in Neston.

If you don't have your own bike, there are cycle hire companies in and around the area.

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