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Shortlisted for Designation

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The Cheshire Sandstone Ridge is at a landmark point in the conservation and enhancement of an ambitious and creative Landscape Programme.

Andrew Hull, Chair of the Sandstone Ridge Trust, is proud to announce that the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge has been shortlisted for Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) designation.

He stated that this was '... a watershed moment in seeking to 'Conserve, Connect and Inspire' current and future generations in understanding and caring for this unique landscape and its diverse habitats ...'.

Andrew acknowledged that '... reaching this stage of the rigorous designation process was testimony to the hard work of many ...'.

He was keen to thank all stakeholders for their commitment, motivation and overwhelming support in contributing to this long-term strategic ambition.

Andrew emphasised that '... there will be much work ahead as the Sandstone Ridge Trust continues the collaborative working partnership to potential designation ...'.

Read the National Press Release.

Read the Regional Press Release.

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