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We have been running a series of heritage pieces in recent weeks in relation to the various caves which are located along The Sandstone Ridge or, for example, in relation to the Gallantry Bank Coppermine etc.

We have also promoted responsible behaviour whilst out and about, not least since dirt bikes have been reported at Bickerton Hill and Kitty's Stone and because disposable barbecues have been cleared from the site. Neither dirt bikes nor barbecues are permitted on The Ridge.

The Sandstone Ridge Trust cannot accept any responsibility for personal injury when exploring the Ridge.

In relation to the caves on The Ridge which have fostered lots of interest and curiosity, the low ceilings can consist of thin layers and are susceptible to cracking and falling, which can result, in particular, from the lighting of fires.

Under no circumstances should anyone light a fire in a cave and no-one should enter a cave without due caution or without making sure that someone knows where you are.

We urge all of you to stay safe and to promote responsible behaviour in our magical landscape.

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