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The Glover Review - A Persuasive Case

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In 2019 The Sandstone Ridge Trust was visited by Dr Jim Dixon who was tasked with gathering evidence for the Glover Review.

At that time we had already expressed our long-term ambition to achieve status as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

The 168 page 'Glover Review' was subsequently published and The Sandstone Ridge Trust, farmers, residents, businesses, workers and visitors alike were thrilled that The Cheshire Sandstone Ridge received mention in the final 'Landscapes Review'.

That Review wanted 'our national landscapes to work together with big ambitions so they are happier, healthier, greener, more beautiful and open to everyone' and maintained that 'our system of national landscapes should be a positive force for the nation's well-being'.

On p121 – the Glover Review commented that 'we have heard from others who hope to see further areas designated'.

It was stated that 'The Sandstone Ridge in Cheshire made a persuasive case and deserves further consideration'.

Praise indeed as The Sandstone Ridge Trust goes forward with it's long-term ambition to 'Conserve, Connect and Inspire' and achieve possible AONB status for The Cheshire Sandstone Ridge.
Read the full Glover Review.

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