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Promoting Respectful Behaviour on The Ridge


We are facing particular challenges. During the pandemic and the relaxation of the lock-down regulations, we have experienced many more visitors to The Sandstone Ridge.

On the one hand, it is exciting that visitors are enjoying our 'magical landscape' but, on the other hand, we would respectfully request that new visitors familiarise themselves with the Countryside Code and what is (and is not) acceptable in the area.

  • Bickerton Hill is a National Trust site and cycling is not permitted. There have been several mountain bikers using the area in recent days and we would draw everyone's attention to the fact that no cycling is permitted in this area at all
  • There have also been instances of at least one dirt bike being ridden on Bickerton Hill and tyre tracks have been evident on paths from the Car Park, up to Kitty's Stone and then heading towards Maiden Castle. Dirt bikes of any description are also not permitted in this area.
  • Kitty's Stone is an informal memorial and yet youths have also been gathering in this area during the evenings CLICK HERE
  • This information has been sent to the National Trust and to our local Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)

We, therefore, ask that everyone is respectful of The Ridge and that our behaviours reflect this.

Please continue to report incidents to the National Trust Rangers and to the PCSO.

At no time, place yourself at risk in addressing these current problems.