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Our thanks to Tattenhall Runners


We have been reporting on the increase in litter and anti-social behaviour on The Ridge and attempting to promote responsible behaviour CLICK HERE.

We are delighted to thank Tattenhall Runners, therefore, for their untiring efforts in collecting litter from this magical landscape.

The Tattenhall Runners, who are regular users of The Ridge, organised two litter picking teams to clear litter from popular spots around the Peckforton and Bickerton Hills.

Several bin bags containing drinks bottles (including beer bottles), cans, food wrappers and the 'usual waste' items were collected.

However, disposable barbecues were also recovered which is again an example of anti-social behaviour on The Ridge, and potentially hazardous in warm weather.

Dog-waste was also collected.

Our thanks to Tattenhall Runners in helping to restore this magical landscape to its former glory.