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Heritage on The Ridge - The Beresfords of Beeston

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This week, we examine some of the heritage of The Sandstone Ridge.

Our latest report from the' Beneath the Ridge' project concerns the Beresfords of Beeston: a family of early Victorian sand-merchants who mined the caves at Beeston for fine white sand.

Their story covers the advent of the canals, the restoration of Beeston Castle and the coming of the railways.

Alongside the names of the great local families such as the Mostyns and the Tollemaches and their huge Estates, it is interesting to get a glimpse of a neighbouring family of tenant farm labourers living in the shadow of Beeston Crag, diversifying their small businesses to take advantage of local resources and coping with change.

Please CLICK HERE to read the full article and don't forget to look at our other stories in the 'Beneath the Ridge' area of our Website or (CLICK HERE) to be directed to that section.

Our image shows Beeston in 1851 as depicted in the Illustrated London News.

Peter Winn, Trustee.

beeston castle in october 8
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