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Beneath the Ridge

The Sandstone Ridge Trust is developing a comprehensive list of the natural and man-made caves, rock shelters and other cavities beneath the mid-Cheshire Sandstone Ridge from Frodsham in the north to Malpas in the south. This list will form the basis of future projects, investigating the caves for their histories and environmental value.

The Trust has extensively researched these caves and has liaised with a number of organisations to ensure the conservation of biodiversity, archaeology and the safety of our volunteers. These caves are almost, without exception, to be found on private land, requiring the necessary permissions from the landowners.

The low ceilings in some caves, of course, are susceptible to cracking and to rock falls. Due to conservation risks and the inherent dangers of underground exploration, we cannot support visits to any of the caves without drawing attention to the inherent risks and necessary permissions.

The Sandstone Ridge Trust cannot accept responsibility for personal injury when exploring The Ridge.

We are inviting anyone who knows of a cave, shelter or mine-shaft in their neighbourhood to let us know about it. It would be helpful to be given the exact location (Ordnance Survey grid reference if possible), the name of the landowner, if known, and any stories that are associated with it. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us at: info@sandstoneridge.org.uk

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