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Drowning in Litter


We have frequently reported on local issues at Bickerton Hill during the Covid pandemic.

Whilst we fully appreciate the benefits to our mental health in exploring the great outdoors, it has come with a potential cost.

Balancing enjoyment of The Sandstone Ridge with a hugely increased footfall is a constant challenge felt here and across many areas of the landscape.

  • There is evidence of severe 'trampling' underfoot along some of the designated footpaths on the Ridge — some paths that were sufficiently wide to take two individuals are now significantly wider
  • Farmers have found that walkers are diverging onto their crops to avoid muddy, well-trodden footpaths
  • Parking issues have and continue to be a problem with some individuals paying scant attention to local residents, farms, businesses and countryside verges
  • Similarly, the volume of discarded litter continues to be baffling. Last week, this member of the Webteam observed two residents clearing entire sections at Burwardsley on the Ridge — their sack/bag was completely full!
  • We know that Tattenhall Runners have done an excellent job previously in tackling the blight of litter CLICK HERE.
  • Members of Tattenhall Runners, Alex Duncan-Price and Sharon Basford, have been out most recently on Bickerton Hill — see image. Our continued thanks to Tattenhall Runners, therefore, for their untiring efforts in collecting litter from this magical landscape.

On the one hand, it is exciting that visitors are enjoying our 'magical landscape' but, on the other hand, we would respectfully request that visitors familiarise themselves with the Countryside Code and what is (and is not) acceptable in the area.

Please take your litter home — there should be no expectation that others will clear it on your behalf.