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Cave Hunt - Updates

Image: 09-01-06 cave mouth  PW

The 'Beneath the Ridge' team is expecting to complete its initial survey of the caves and
cavities on the Ridge this spring.

So far, they have recorded 90(!) sites from Frodsham to Malpas and they are fairly certain that the final tally will be more than 100. They have identified the major gaps in their search and the relevant landowners have given the necessary permissions for team visits. They will be keen to do this before the bracken and brambles return to hamper everyone.

It is important to keep the number in each team down to no more than six but all our volunteers
will be kept informed of dates and places; participation will be on a first-come/first called basis.

When the survey is complete we will map the sites and try to understand their distribution and density in their geographical and historical context. We will then be consulting professional archaeologists for their experience and advice in the hope that somewhere along the Ridge we will be able to home-in on sites that are suitable for further investigations, thus helping us to learn more about prehistoric and more recent life and industry beneath our feet.

In the meantime there is still plenty of desk-research that needs doing. It is not easy to find information about the people who lived on the Ridge in the past but some of our volunteers have already made interesting discoveries about copper-mining, white sand extractors, encounters between the police and gangs of thieves living in the caves, bear-keepers, hermits and more, so we would welcome anyone chasing down clues in libraries and record offices to help us build a more complete history of activities 'Beneath the Ridge'.

New volunteers would be very welcome. Please CLICK HERE or contact us by e-mail at: — we look forward to hearing from you.