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Such is Nature!

Broad Bodied Chaser

We're just at the start of the 'dragonfly season'.

The three commonly seen types of dragonfly are 'Hawkers, Darters and Chasers'.

Basically they differ in size and shape but they are masters of flight and are frequently spotted around ponds, hedgerows and in gardens.

Last week a broad bodied chaser was recorded on The Sandstone Ridge, perched at the top of a hazel tepee which was supporting sweet peas. The dragonfly regularly returned to the same perch after swift flights out across a pond looking for insects.

Regrettably, less than 60 seconds after this photo was taken, this resplendent 'Chaser' was consumed by a marauding sparrow, happy to find a tasty morsel for its local brood.

Such is nature!