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Storm Eunice

It cannot have escaped your attention that Storm Eunice is likely to batter the country on Friday 17 February,

An amber weather warning has been issued by the Met Office and this applies to the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge too.

The Met Office states ... Amber Warning: There is an increased likelihood of impacts from severe weather, which could potentially disrupt your plans. This means there is the possibility of travel delays, road and rail closures, power cuts and the potential risk to life and property. You should think about changing your plans and taking action to protect yourself and your property. You may want to consider the impact of the weather on your family and your community and whether there is anything you need to do ahead of the severe weather to minimise the impact.

May we ask everyone to be vigilant.

Walking on the Ridge is not to be advised at this time — there will be extremely strong and damaging winds in our area. There may also be surface debris and uprooted trees in several locations.

Some venues may also close. Beeston Castle, for example, is closed on Friday 18 February. Please check local websites.