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As autumn turns to winter, it is worth considering just how busy the Sandstone Ridge Trust, together with its members, its volunteers, its supporters, its farmers and its businesses have been in promoting what makes The Sandstone Ridge a truly 'magical place'.

Nothing says more about what we have been doing than showcasing the work of Chris Sands, a multi award-winning branding specialist, who we employed to re-brand The Ridge.

Key to this work was raising the area's profile, celebrating its importance to its users, developing its unique identity, whilst creating a brand and story to support this.

It has been important to look at The Ridge through a fresh pair of eyes, and help to create a strong sense of identity for the area that will be deeply felt by inhabitants and visitors for years to come.

Take a look at our entire re-branding project CLICK HERE

Chris's work complements the wide range of brochures, books and artwork that the Trust has already prepared for the Sandstone Ridge.

We will be rolling out our re-branding across The Ridge in the coming months.

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