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Natural Flood Management Focus Week 19-25 July 2021

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Between 19-25 July – The Flood Hub is running a Natural Flood Management (NFM) Focus Week from its social media accounts:


Facebook: CLICK HERE

This focus week will raise awareness of what Natural Flood Management is, how it works and the benefits it can have.

It will also feature lots of great case studies and projects from partners across the North West that have used Natural Flood Management to help manage flood risk to communities downstream and provide multiple environmental benefit.

Natural Flood Management is great for not only reducing flood risk but can provide benefits such as biodiversity, habitat creation and green space, improve water quality and manage sediment.

Following the success of 'Slowing the Flow of the Mill Brook' most recently, it might be that you would like to take a look.

For more about the Flood Hub CLICK HERE

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