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We all have vivid memories and/or personal experiences of the local flood events which took place during Storm Christoph on 20/21 January 2021. All parties are in agreement that this was an unprecedented event with severe rain falling on ground that was already completely saturated.

Many of you will know that Phase 1 of 'Slowing the Flow of the Mill Brook' was completed in 2016 and without which the recent flooding would have been far more serious (as confirmed by David Brown, Environment Agency Senior Flood Advisor).

To view details of Phase 1 of the Mill Brook Natural Flood Management scheme – please CLICK HERE.

Following the most recent flood event, Tattenhall Wildlife Group (TWiG) immediately contacted both Nina and Diana Barbour at Bolesworth Estate, to determine whether the next Phase of flood management on the Mill Brook might be undertaken and so reduce future risk.

After a series of very positive conversations, Zoom meetings and socially distanced site visits in which the the scope of the works was determined, Bolesworth Estate and tenant farmer, Robin Langford, very swiftly signed a 'Permission of Consent' agreement to release land for Phase 2a of the Mill Brook Natural Flood Management scheme. Our thanks for the overwhelming support of the Bolesworth Estate in this respect and the speed with which they responded to our requests.

Work will start almost immediately, the outcome of which will be a significant contributor in reducing further flooding. The key objective is to hold back flood water at times of peak flow overspill from the Mill Brook further upstream at China Meadow.

In short, a temporary flood water storage installation with seepage barriers will be constructed. Earthwork bunds will be created above ground level and graded so as to blend into the terrain. Other design features will be installed to facilitate the project and also allow for uninterrupted water flows at normal times.

Work with the Environment Agency, TWiG, and ELM Associates has resulted in agreement of the following design planCLICK HERE.

Phase 2a represents collaborative working at its very best and consolidates the work of Phase 1.

Our thanks to the Bolesworth Estate, David Brown at the Environment Agency, ELM Associates, TWiG, Tenant Farmer Robin Langford and Tom Wallbank (Land Agent, Bolesworth).

We will keep you updated as work progresses.

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