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Hedge-Laying on The Ridge


How wonderful to see some of the traditional skills and techniques still being adopted on The Sandstone Ridge.

Whilst out and about this week, a member of the Webteam spotted this piece of absolute artistry.

As well as being a traditional rural skill, and therefore having intrinsic value, hedge-laying offers a number of ecological benefits. Primarily, by having a hedge and not removing field boundaries (to create larger plots) or using fencing, a large amount of highly valuable habitat is made available to wildlife. Hedgerows are often associated with BAP (Biodiversity Action Plan) species, which provide food sources and nest sites for a huge variety of insects, birds and mammals.

Hedges can also help prevent soil erosion, capture pollutants, and allow wildlife to move more freely across the countryside. By managing the hedge by laying, the trees are encouraged to regenerate; this extends their life, and that of the hedge as a whole. It also creates a constant supply of new, bushy growth, providing cover for a greater number of species.

If anyone spots further work being undertaken, then please send the images into the Website.