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The Glover Review

Sandstone Ridge   Autumn Landscape 1

The 168 page 'Glover Review' is published and fantastic news for The Sandstone Ridge Trust, farmers, residents, businesses, workers and visitors alike — we receive a mention in the final 'Landscapes Review'.

The Review wants 'our national landscapes to work together with big ambitions so they are happier, healthier, greener, more beautiful and open to everyone' and maintains that 'our system of national landscapes should be a positive force for the nation's well-being'.

You might recall that we reported in the early summer that Dr Jim Dixon had spent a day with the Sandstone Ridge Trust gathering evidence regarding The Sandstone Ridge and it's long-term ambition to achieve status as an Area of Outstanding Beauty (AONB) CLICK HERE

And, on p121 - the Glover Review states that 'we have heard from others
who hope to see further areas designated'
. It is stated that 'The Sandstone Ridge in Cheshire made a persuasive case and deserves further consideration'.

Praise indeed as The Sandstone Ridge Trust goes forward with it's long-term ambition to 'conserve, connect and inspire' and achieve AONB status for The Sandstone Ridge.

The Preface of the Landscapes Review states 'Everywhere I've been with my fellow panel members I've seen energy, enthusiasm and examples of success ... farm clusters, joint working with all sorts of organisations, tourism, planning and design, backing of local businesses, coping with the complexities of local and central government; things like this happen every day, not much thanks is given for them and yet much of it is done well, for relatively small sums'.

The Review goes on to state 'Our country is changing fast. It is becoming more diverse. More urban.
Much busier. New forms of farming, carbon emissions, the sprawl of housing, new technology and social shifts have changed the relationship between people and the countryside, and left nature and our climate in crisis. The way we protect and improve our landscapes needs to change radically to respond to this'

CLICK HERE to read full Review.