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big farmland birdcount

The 2022 Big Farmland Bird Count takes place next weekend, from 4-20 February 2022.

The Big Farmland Bird Count is organised by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) to encourage land managers to support farmland birds and to highlight the hard work already done by many farmers and gamekeepers to help reverse species' declines. The count also gives a vital national snapshot of the health of the UK's birdlife.

The UK's farmers, gamekeepers and land managers are being urged to get involved in the GWCT Big Farmland Bird Count and make a crucial difference to wildlife.

"2021's GWCT Big Farmland Bird Count was record-breaking, and we want to thank all those who took part. Now we are challenging the UK's land managers to beat their own record and make 2022's count bigger than ever," said Dr Roger Draycott, organiser and head of advisory services at the GWCT.

"The latest assessment of the status of the UK's birds, the Birds of Conservation Concern (BoCC) list, published this month, sadly shows that more than one in four species is in serious trouble. Land managers and gamekeepers can make a real and immediate difference by adopting effective conservation measures. The UK's farmland birds are counting on you!"

How to take part in the Big Farmland Bird Count

  • Species guides, including short videos, are available at
  • Download your count sheet from the BFBC website.
  • Count your birds! On a day between 4 and 20 February, spend about 30 minutes recording the species and number of birds seen on one particular area of the farm.
  • Once you've completed your count, simply submit your results online at
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