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Back the Beavers!

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Cheshire Wildlife Trust is hoping you will support their new and exciting strategy and back the enclosed release of a pair of Beavers into Cheshire, right here on the Sandstone Ridge.

This project has been three years in the making and will represent the 10th re-introduction of Beavers into England.

The Hatchmere site in Delamere Forest, seeks to create a 10 acre fenced beaver zone, through which runs the Hatchmere Brook. The objective is that the beaver colony will then filter the water which runs into the 'Hatch Mere' itself; a site of special scientific interest.

Beavers are a keystone species.

  • They manage the habitat around them
  • They coppice trees
  • They create dams
  • Their work creates clean water and reduces flooding downstream
  • The work of beavers also creates a new wetland habitat, rich in plant diversity

Cheshire Wildlife Trust needs your help to assist in this enclosed release.

Take a look at this clip (below) with Kev Feeney, the Living Landscapes Manager and Site Reserve Manager at Hatchmere.

A crowdfunding page has been established to raise the necessary monies for the site fencing.

Time is tight to ensure that this is completed before the winter.

  • The Beaver-proof fencing needs to be installed
  • The Beavers need to be released
  • The Beavers need to establish their winter food sources