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A New Countryside Code - Respect, Protect, Enjoy

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An updated version of the Countryside Code has just been published and which has relevance to everyone on the Sandstone Ridge.

The key messages of the new Code are 'Respect everyone', Protect the Environment' and 'Enjoy the outdoors'.

Visitors should be mindful that where there is public access, the countryside is still often a working environment and rich in wildlife.

Visitors are asked to respect the land and area they are visiting.

The new Code stresses:

  • closing gates
  • adhering to directional signs and keeping to marked paths and public access areas so as to protect crops and wildlife
  • not parking at field entrances and accesses to buildings
  • not feeding animals, horses and livestock
  • taking litter home
  • keeping dogs under control and removing dog mess – if there is no public waste bin, then dog owners should take the bagged pet poo home with them and dispose of it safely
  • not to light BBQs or fires
  • walking facing oncoming traffic on roads with no pavement and follow the highway code
  • drivers must slow down for horses
  • cyclists must give way to walkers and horse riders on bridleways

This publication marks the first refresh of the Countryside Code in more than a decade, although there were some updates last summer in response to issues raised during the Covid lockdown, such as the staggering increase in litter and dogs worrying livestock.

To read full document CLICK HERE

This new version of the Countryside Code comes as more people are using green spaces and it is urging everyone to look after the natural environment and protect the livelihoods of people who live and work in the countryside.

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