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Meet Your SRFN Facilitator


Nicola Hall is your Sandstone Ridge Farmer Network (SRFN) facilitator — committed to 'working together for sustainable farming'.

Nicola (together with Rachel Price and Jane Atkinson) has now formed 'ELM Associates' CLICK HERE.

Nicola is an environment adviser and project manager with a research background, specialising in soil, water and nutrient management. Nicky is the lead advisor for Environmental Permitting, Infrastructure Capital Projects and Ammonia Emissions Plans.

A reminder to all our Sandstone Ridge Farmers — if you wish to share any particular event or activity then please contact Nicola. Similarly, if you wish to join our SRFN then Nicola is your contact.

Nicola continues to support farmers in adopting innovative, best practice and efficiency measures to reach greater productivity, whilst protecting the farm's valuable natural resources of soil, water and wildlife.

Nicola's contact details are: and/or — 07794 082860.

(click on image to enlarge — Nicola to the right and, business partner, Rachel to the left ...)