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Hedgerow & Boundary Grants

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In 2018, there were 4 successful Hedgerow and Boundary Grant Applications for farmers in the Sandstone Ridge Farmer Network.

These funded a range of capital projects including

  • gapping up
  • coppicing
  • hedge-laying, and
  • planting hedgerow trees

The grant provides up to £10,000 for works that are undertaking within a 2 year period, but which can be claimed as soon work is complete.

Andrew Dawson of Bickley Wood Farm, therefore, was able to complete his hedge-laying project during December and January on a boundary which had been planted around 15 years ago. The work was undertaken by local hedge-layer, Sam Rimmer.

As well as improving stock proofing, laid hedgerows provide better habitat for game birds, partridge and other wildlife, as well as shelter from the wind.

We are sure you will agree, the outcome looks fantastic.

We await confirmation as to whether the Hedgerow & Boundary Grants Scheme will continue in 2019 — watch this space.