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Fungal Foray - A Sure Sign of Autumn on The Ridge

Bickerton Hill 2

What many of you have been commenting on during our Sandstone Ridge Walk and Ride Festival is the abundance of fungi on The Ridge.

Today's image was sent in by Clare who participated in Event 3 on Bickerton Hill and which was led by Nick Holmes from the Sandstone Ridge Trust.

Recorded is the 'Fly Agaric', known for its distinctive bright red appearance with white spots — click image to enlarge.

Whilst this particular 'beauty' is a firm favourite with everyone, be warned, it is highly toxic.

For further details see the Woodland Trust's detailed page CLICK HERE

Keep sending us your images and feedback from the events so far.

Remaining events are listed here — please be reminded that events roll off the booking system the night before a scheduled event. CLICK HERE

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The Sandstone Ridge Trustees.