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'Worrying of Livestock'

sheep worrying

The 'worrying of livestock' is becoming more problematic and more frequently reported.

The Sandstone Ridge is home to over 400 farmers and landowners.

There is no denying that the 'worrying of livestock' can have a financial impact on farmers, but farmers actively advise the public to be mindful because of the potential distress and horror of the aftermath.

Blood-lines can be irreplaceable for farmers regardless of the financial compensation.

A problem frequently exists because dogs, that are unfamiliar with livestock, can become very excited and noisy, causing animals to become frightened and panicked, sometimes with catastrophic outcomes.

We ask everyone to observe the following:

  • Keep your dog on a lead and under control
  • Maintain a safe distance from livestock
  • Don't allow your dog to roam freely
  • Don't take your dog into fields where there are lambs, calves or other young farm animals

Respect, protect and enjoy the countryside.