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World Environment Day

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5 June is World Environment Day.

Whilst the world is at a standstill to flatten the COVID-19 curve, the WWF has today selected some snapshots of UK nature and wildlife, in an attempt to raise awareness of the ongoing fight for our world and its vital biodiversity.

One such image is of a Water Vole (photograph by Terry Whittaker/WWF).

This is hugely significant, because we ran a feature only last week in celebration that Water Voles had been recorded in the Mill Brook on The Sandstone Ridge CLICK HERE.

The Water Vole is Britain's fastest disappearing mammal and has vanished from over 90% of its former range since 1970.

It faces threats from agricultural intensification and habitat loss due to unsympathetic waterway management, as well as urbanisation.

Follow this link to the other photographs that have been released CLICK HERE