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World 'Earth Day' - Monday 22 April 2019


Today, 22 April, is World 'Earth Day'.

It is hard to imagine that anyone is immune to the plight of our planet and environment, as evidenced in most recent campaigns and award-winning documentaries. In response to the destruction of plant and wildlife populations by human activity such as climate change, deforestation, poaching and pollution, there is a 'call to arms' ...

On the Sandstone Ridge we strive to protect this 'magical landscape' whilst making it accessible for all.

At local level, we can raise awareness and take individual actions in all sorts of ways ...

  • adopt a plant-based diet and stop pesticide and herbicide use
  • conserve water
  • pick up litter — especially plastics — April has been 'British Clean Up' month
  • importantly, cut back on our use of plastics
  • prevent the creation of microplastics by being careful not to throw plastic products in water ways, beaches or open spaces
  • recycle, up-cycle and re-use at every opportunity
  • choose not to buy products containing microbeads and select products that have natural exfoliators instead
  • consider purchasing items made of natural fibres, when possible