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Webinar - Book Your Place

Delamere Forest

Funding and Support for Woodland Establishment

On 16th March from 1pm, we will be providing new information about policy, funding and support for landowners to establish new woodland over the next five years.

The webinar is free to access. You can find more details and book your place here CLICK HERE

Our aim is to show how we can help to add value and create opportunities for landowners and businesses.

We have an excellent line up of knowledgeable speakers from the private, charitable and public sectors, including the Chair of the Forestry Commission, Sir William Worsley.

Over the next few years resources and priorities for land use and land management are likely to change to provide an increasing range of goods and services such as sustainable food production, space for nature, places for recreation, a response to the Climate Emergency and more, as many of you will already be aware.

Our webinar is aimed at agents and contractors and landowners, but is open to anyone. We aim to provide information about the support that we can provide in The Mersey Forest and provide perspectives from land agents and land owners.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar or providing you with information if you are unable to make this time.