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Upcoming Event for our Sandstone Ridge Farmers


We are holding a soil fertility and management event for our Sandstone Ridge Farmers.

Please contact Nicky or give Katie a ring, to book your place .... or 01270 613195

Calibrating your Fertiliser Spreader for 2019 — A Practical Workshop — Thursday 7 February 10am-12noon.

  • It is fairly common to hear that farmers rarely calibrate their own fertiliser spreaders. Yet the financial losses from operating a poorly maintained spreader are probably higher than you think. With this in mind, we are offering a training workshop, supported by testing experts from SCS, with the aim of achieving confidence in diagnosis and correcting issues in spreader performance.
  • The British Survey of Fertiliser Practice 2017, reported that only 37% of farms calibrate annually, that 23% have never calibrated a spreader, with the rest lying 'somewhere in between'.
  • Moreover, a Farmer's Weekly article, illustrates the loss impact perfectly CLICK HERE. The article might be a tad dated but the principles remain the same.
  • This event will be held at Larkton House Farm with hosting and demonstration equipment provided by Peter Done and Richard Goodwin.
  • Leading the event will be Instructor, Jim Hammond, from SCS Spreader and Sprayer Testing Limited.
  • Avoid costly fertiliser waste, crop under-performance and create a positive impact on our environment.