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Traffic Chaos - Bickerton Hill

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We appreciate that everyone is trying to get out and about for their daily exercise during the current Covid-19 restrictions.

Local residents, rural businesses and church-goers to Holy Trinity Church on Goldford Lane junction, however, are now facing traffic chaos due to the congestion caused by cars parked on the approach to Bickerton Hill and to the Sandstone Trail footpath.

This has been particularly acute at weekends but is also a problem on weekdays too.

This member of the Webteam witnessed such chaos first hand at a recent funeral which was held at Holy Trinity Church, located on the Goldford Lane junction.

Cars were quite literally parked everywhere; particularly unpleasant for the mourners.

On that occasion too, it was impossible for a large haulage wagon to make a delivery to a farm at the end of the lane – he simply could not navigate a way through the parked cars.

Cheshire Police and Cheshire East Highways department have become involved due to safety concerns.

The National Trust has also done all it can by renovating the small car park off Goldford Lane and reinstating the track BUT there is no alternative parking (Bickerton Village Hall is limited by insurance and the connecting road is too dangerous by foot).

The natural banks alongside the lane are also under assault from the vehicular parking – native bluebells, swathes of campion and stitchwort which have delighted visitors to the Ridge, are being crushed along the verge.

If you are walking up on the Bickerton Hill area, please plan your journey well in advance and only park in designated areas.

To view our infographic which gives a sense of just how many people live and work in this area as well as it being a popular tourist venue CLICK HERE.

images provided by a local resident

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