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Then and Now - A Day in Cheshire

Frodsham Parish Paths map extract

At the end of August we ran an article which shared with you some of the work of Volunteers of the Sandstone Ridge and a project which involved re-tracing the steps of a walk which was published in April 1867 in the Ashton Weekly Reporter, and Stalybridge and Duckinfield Chronicle CLICK HERE.

Much of the text related to areas on The Sandstone Ridge.

Those steps have now been retraced (as far as modern developments would allow) and we now include the following

  • The findings as researched (albeit leisurely) by Sue Lorimer and Kath Gee (Volunteers) — CLICK HERE
  • The transcript from the 1867 Ashton Weekly Reporter, and Stalybridge and Duckinfield Chronicle (our thanks to Peter Winn, Trustee) — CLICK HERE (described as Attachment 2)
  • The Frodsham Parish Paths Extract — see map to the right (described as Attachment 3) — click on map to enlarge
  • Photographic Record — CLICK HERE — (described as Attachment 4)

This project has involved tremendous efforts on the part of Peter Winn, Sue Lorimer and Kath Gee — our thanks to you all.

Although the route can no longer be walked in entirety, there's enough information to create a number of circular walks taking in substantial sections of the original route — keep watching this space since we might well include such walks in a future Walk and Ride Festival post the current pandemic.