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'Thank You' to those partners, members, volunteers and supporters who turned out for our first post-Covid' Face to Face' AGM which was held in Tarporley Community Centre on Tuesday evening.

With so many calendar clashes, not least the Summer Solstice, quite perfect weather, the Cheshire Show, parties and holidays, it was good to see some familiar and less familiar faces.

Andrew Hull, Chair of the Sandstone Ridge Trust, gave his Chairman's Report and the formalities of Accounts, Election and Re-election of Trustees were undertaken, together with presentations on current and future projects.

Importantly, the process of AONB designation for the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge was examined following the recent familiarisation visit by several senior executives from Natural England, including Marian Spain, Natural England's Chief Executive Officer.

'Next Steps' were outlined, together with an update on 'Frequently Asked Questions'.

We continue to emphasise that potential AONB designation represents a 'journey', taking up to 2/3 years. At all times, a multiplicity of criteria have to be met, together with a raft of public consultations.

We will keep you posted at all times.