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Tarporley - 'Heart of the Sandstone Ridge'

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At the heart of the Sandstone Ridge lies the settlement of Tarporley.

The Ridge is so much more than a 'magical landscape', it is a living and dynamic community.

Over 36,000 people live on the Ridge, supporting a multiplicity of businesses and farms, and at least 1 million visitors come to the Ridge annually.

After a highly successful collaborative initiative, we are delighted to announce that Tarporley Parish Council has resolved that Tarporley be identified as the 'Heart of the Ridge'.

A principal objective has been to identify mutually advantageous ways in which to raise the profile of the Ridge (locally, regionally and nationally), whilst creating a sustainable visitor economy for the village of Tarporley.

In these extraordinary times, where High Streets and local economies are being severely challenged, this is a timely opportunity to support, promote and strengthen the position of Tarporley as a thriving, service centre.

Tarporley Parish Council has already been busy distributing marketing information in support of the Ridge to local businesses.

The Sandstone Ridge Trust is delighted that Tarporley Parish Council has taken this commitment and looks forward to a fruitful working partnership.

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