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Single-Use Facemasks are a Hazard to Wildlife


The Sandstone Ridge is ever more popular as individuals are out walking during the current lockdown.

Last week's repeat of Julia Bradbury's walk on The Sandstone Trail, selected as one of Britain's 100 Best Walks, has also witnessed a surge in walkers.

Regrettably, there has also been a surge in litter.

This member of the Webteam saw discarded beer cans, foil sandwich wrappers, empty crisp packets and facemasks on a recent walk up to Kitty's Stone, at Bickerton Hill.

Wearing a facemask is the responsible thing to do but unfortunately, single-use facemasks and plastic gloves are some of the newest forms of litter to blight our 'magical landscape'.

May we also remind everyone of the negative consequences regarding discarded facemasks on wildlife since the ear loops can become tangled around animals and birds.

Please avoid dropping litter and particularly facemasks.

As an added precaution, when safely disposing of facemasks, always cut the ear loops to avoid damage to wildlife.

Many thanks.