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Help Bickerton Scout Group to win the 'Calor Rural Community Fund' award by achieving the most votes for a Community Project. Read on ...

  • How many times has any one of us looked at the Scout HQ on Bickerton Hill and not been filled with nostalgic memories of times past when we, our children, or even our grandchildren have been members of this group.
  • How many times have we reported on how youngsters from this Scout Group have been active 'eco warriors' on the Sandstone Ridge CLICK HERE.

In recent years, the Scout Group has raised and spent in excess of £25,000 on improvements and repairs to the 65 year old Scout HQ on Bickerton Hill; repairs to one side wall, both end walls and the porch have been completed (see images).

When new toilets were installed, however, it was discovered that the wooden frame of the building was deteriorating and that, in places, the roof was supported only by the interior wooden wall surface.

A further £5000 is required to finish the job and make safe this former army barrack.


CLICK HERE – then simply follow the instructions and place your votes – everyone gets 10 votes – we'd like to think that you might give this project all of your 10 votes since so many local children have benefited and continue to benefit from Scout HQ.

Please then spread the word to anyone with an email address.

Let's help the Scout Group to win the £5000 and help them to preserve Scout HQ for another 3/4 generations of Scouts!

If you have any difficulty in registering to vote please call Calor Community Fund on 01926 318674.

Good Luck!

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