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Saffron Business Continues to Grow on the Ridge

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We've previously reported on this multi-award winning British grown saffron business right here on the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge.

This is a family business based in the hills of Delamere Forest, growing the finest English Saffron, and is run by brothers Peter Gould (Dr in Plant Molecular Biology) and Douglas Gould (in charge of business sales and marketing).

Unlike many imports, saffron from The Cheshire Saffron Company is pure high quality saffron containing only the red saffron strands with vivid red hue and an amazing honey floral aroma.

The business is now hoping to expand with plans which involve agricultural buildings for harvesting saffron indoors.

Currently, the saffron is harvested and processed by hand, requiring 200 hand-picked flowers for one gram. The company, the biggest producer in the UK, however, relies on the vagaries of the British weather which can hamper efforts to grow this award winning product.

The ability to grow saffron indoors and to extend its window of production, could result in increased yields and opportunities for export markets.

The current four-week-a-year harvest would be transformed into a six month process.

CLICK HERE to view The Cheshire Saffron Company Website.

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