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Roe Deer Sighted on the Ridge

deer cropped

You are terribly good at telling us about sightings of Red Kites on the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge.

We've now received a sighting of this male, or buck, roe deer.

It was photographed near Hobb Hill, Tilston, and posted on the Tilston 'Landscape and Wildlife Group' Facebook page earlier this month.

Roe deer are active day and night, browsing in mostly woodland areas but might also be spotted in larger gardens in rural or suburban areas.

Roe are one of only two species of deer native to the UK.

Deer are now relatively common throughout much of the UK, but less so in Cheshire although numbers are known to be increasing in East Cheshire.

A slender, medium-sized deer, the roe deer has short antlers and no tail. It is mostly brown in colour, turning reddish in the summer and darker grey in the winter. It has a pale buff patch around its rump.

So, if anyone sees, or better still, photographs any deer in the Sandstone Ridge area, then we would be very pleased to hear from you.