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'The Ridge: Rocks and Springs - A Sandstone Legacy'


The Sandstone Ridge Trust is pleased to announce the publication of its new book entitled 'The Ridge: Rocks and Springs — A Sandstone Legacy' which seeks to record how sandstone and water have shaped the beautiful landscape of the Sandstone Ridge

Prehistoric Rock Art in Eddisbury, quarries in Manley dating from Roman times, caves with myths and legends, and centuries old graffiti and carvings including a devil's face are just some of the fascinating discoveries made by volunteers over a three-year period along Cheshire's Sandstone Ridge.

A dedicated team of forty volunteers has been roaming the length of the Ridge, from Frodsham to Bickerton, seeking out the ancient quarries, wells and rock carvings hiding in the hills. They have been studying old maps and documents, digging in libraries and also literally beneath the rocks, to tease out stories that tell of how those distinctive physical features of the Ridge, in sandstone and water, have shaped the heritage of this beautiful area.

The book has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of The Ridge: Rocks and Springs Project (2014-17). This project has also included workshops, surveys and excavations. The fully illustrated 130-page A5 book is in four chapters describing the quarrying of sandstone, the supply of water and the carving of rock art and graffiti. It ends with a series of nine short country walks which can assist readers in visiting some of the sites mentioned in its pages.

The book is FREE and can be obtained from information centres and libraries or, on request, from the Sandstone Ridge Trust at

The book was launched as part of the 'Sandstone Ridge Festival' earlier this month.

A roadshow display, talks and walks can also be provided by the Trust for any groups that would be interested in learning more about the Ridge and the future work of the Trust.