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Respect, Protect and Enjoy


Mindful that the weather forecast remains good and that many of you will be getting out and about on the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge before children return to school, might we just remind everyone of the Countryside Code.

Managing footfall in some of the popular 'hotspots' on the Ridge has been a concern throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns and easing of restrictions, together with the increase in staycations.

Litter, trampling and footpath erosion, together with increased traffic and additional parking have become more significant during the last 18 months as extra visitors have put pressure on this and other areas.

The Cheshire Sandstone Ridge is home to some remarkable and distinctive landscapes but it is also a working environment too with residents, businesses, farms and landowners. Late August and early September, of course, is a busy period for our Sandstone Ridge Farmers and there is much heavy machinery on our rural roads as silage is a priority and harvesting is underway. There is also evidence of next year's preparations, as the cycle of ploughing and cultivation begins.

So, we ask everyone to be considerate of our magical landscapes — 'Respect, Protect and Enjoy'.

To access the Countryside Code CLICK HERE.