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Reptiles in Cheshire

Common Lizard

Reptiles are suffering global decline and many are threatened with extinction. In the UK, the picture is not quite that bleak — yet!

We probably have only 4 native species of reptiles in Cheshire:

*The Adder
*The Grass Snake
*The Slow Worm
*The Common Lizard

Cheshire Wildlife Trust, one of our partners on the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge, is asking for your help.
Reptiles are particularly vulnerable because they tend to live in small isolated areas and they are unable to spread out because their habitat is divided by built up areas and farmland.

They mostly survive in places like heaths and open woodland because they need places to shelter and hibernate. They also need open areas in which to bask; warming up before they can become active because they are cold blooded.

Please email any sightings, photos and location (address or grid reference if possible) to the Cheshire Wildlife Trust. Other useful information might include species, number, size, behaviour, type of habitat, e.g. garden, grassland, woodland, heathland etc.

For more information CLICK HERE.