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Picture Perfect on The Ridge at Bickerton Hill

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Bickerton Hill on The Sandstone Ridge has been bathed in warm sunshine all week.

With perfect light, the views from the Ridge have been magical.

Bickerton Hill is an area of lowland heathland; a rare and endangered habitat — only one sixth of the heathland that was present in 1800, remains today.

During the early 1990s, the National Trust and its partners, embarked on a long-term project to restore the heathland at Bickerton for the benefit of wildlife and for people to enjoy.

The selective removal of trees is now creating a mosaic of heather, bilberry and gorse.

The return and restoration of the heathland will benefit some of the UK's most threatened species of reptiles, butterflies, insects, spiders and birds.

Enjoy walking at Bickerton Hill (and please remember to clear up after your dogs and take litter home with you).