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The Peckforton Cyclone 1913


With the quite shocking weather of late and with the most recent storm damage that we covered on The Sandstone Ridge CLICK HERE, we thought this morning's image might be of equal interest.

This image, over 100 years old, might well paint a thousand words.

What is shown is the damage which was caused on the evening of 27 October 1913 when Stonehouse Lane and the immediate area were battered by the freak 'Peckforton Cyclone'.

According to a contemporary eyewitness, a dark column of spinning air approached from the south, accompanied by thunder, lightning and torrential rain.

Images such as these provide a fascinating insight into the social and economic history of an area. We are always on the look out for old images of the Ridge to help us progress our 'Then and Now Pictorial History Project'.

We ask you to have a good look through your drawers and cupboards and please contact us in support of this project — if you find any old images of 'Times Past' then please let us know via the contact button. We look forward to hearing from you.

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