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On This Day in History - 75th Anniversary VJ Day


The 15 August, is the 75th anniversary of VJ Day, marking both the surrender of Japan and, in effect, the end of the Second World War.

This day has since been commemorated as Victory over Japan — or 'VJ' Day.

On 2 September, a formal surrender ceremony took place on board the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, officially bringing the Second World War to an end.

And, of local interest too, the pen used in the signing of the surrender document has been housed right here in Chester at the Military Museum for over 50 years (a great Quiz Question).

How did that historic pen end up here in Chester you ask?

The pen was gifted by MacArthur to Lt General Arthur Percival, a former forces commander, Japanese prisoner of war and a witness to the signing on board the ship. He, in turn, donated it to the Cheshire Regiment before his death in 1966.

In the hands of Cheshire Military Museum since that time, the museum has, on occasions, loaned the pen for public display as part of its 'Chester Unlocked' programme in celebration of the City's diverse and rich heritage.