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New Signage Installed on The Sandstone Ridge


We hope you have noticed the new signage which has been installed on The Sandstone Ridge.

Pleasing too is that the Trust has been recognised on the signage, stating:

The Sandstone Ridge Trust champions the protection of the Sandstone Ridge for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations.

Working with partners, local communities and volunteers, the charity runs projects and events that conserve, explain and raise the profile of the area's rich and diverse wildlife, archaeological, historical and cultural heritage

You can find out more about the Sandstone Ridge, the work of the Trust and how you can get involved by visiting

This new signage at designated recreational points on The Ridge, seeks to inform and enhance visitor and resident experiences as well as promoting the distinctiveness of this magical landscape.

Click on image to enlarge.

If you wish to read more about our progress in creating a distinctive Sandstone Ridge brand and identity then CLICK HERE.