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The Mystery of the Bulkeley Hill Circular Stones

IMG_5445 stone individual

Walkers familiar with 'Bulkeley Hill' (managed by the National Trust and a partner of the Sandstone Ridge Trust), and, in particular, the path leading left up the hill from the junction of Stonehouse Lane and Mill Lane, may have noticed several large circular, wheel-like stones, looking very much like millstones.

Their presence indicates a lost activity involving the quarrying of rock and stone masonry to create these wheel-like stones.

But what exactly are they, and what was their purpose?

Do they provide any insights that could connect to other historic quarrying activities that will increase our understanding of our Sandstone Ridge geo-heritage?

This article will try to throw some light on what their intended purpose may have been.

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Our thanks to Nick Holmes, Trustee, for providing this material.