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Louisa Boyd - Professional Artist

Warmth at Sandstone Ridge

Louisa Boyd, a professional artists, spent her childhood hiking on Bickerton Hill. It is not surprising, therefore, that Louisa would find inspiration from the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge.

Her depictions of the landscape begin with mindful walking through the Cheshire countryside and on her return to the studio, she uses loose, gestural mark making techniques in paint to describe the essence of the environment.

The outcomes are not intended to be of somewhere specific, but instead illustrate the nostalgic feeling of a place; the sense of belonging that comes with recognisable natural forms and landmarks, helping us to recognise our home.

In her landscape works, Louisa is looking to capture the influences that the ever-changing light, seasons and weather have on the natural world in watercolours and acrylic paints; depicting shifting, fleeting moments in time to create ethereal landscape paintings.

Artwork by Louisa Boyd: 'Warmth at Sandstone Ridge'