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Leave Nothing But Your Footprints


School holidays are upon us so why not get outside and take in some fantastic walks on The Cheshire Sandstone Ridge — all for free!

At every turn, the Ridge is a 'magical landscape', combining everything that we have come to love about natural beauty — fantastic landscapes, combined with relative wildness and tranquillity.

So, pack your walking boots, dress appropriately and enjoy everything the Ridge has to offer. All we ask is that you 'RESPECT, PROTECT AND ENJOY' and leave nothing but your footprints.

When walking across farms in the locality, please be mindful that our farmers are going about their business with their livestock.

Please respect our local communities and other people using the outdoors.

When out with your dog, please make sure it is not a danger or nuisance to farm animals, horses, wildlife or other people and please safely dispose of dog poo.

To view The Countryside Code online, then CLICK HERE

We have also reproduced a number of downloadable leaflets on our site CLICK HERE

There is something to please everyone in terms of time, distance and degree of difficulty.

Happy Walking.