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Last chance to see Glow-worms


Historically there have been sightings of Glow-worms on The Sandstone Ridge.

The window of opportunity is small, however, so if you spot any then please let us know.

Glow-worms are not worms, but beetles.

Males look like typical beetles, but the green-orange nightly glow of a female is unmistakable — lighting up to attract a mate in the darkness of their grassland habitats.

Females often climb up plant stems to attract males, who have large, photosensitive eyes — perfect for scanning vegetation at night. The larvae can also emit light, and so can the eggs.

Look for the adults in summer and probably before the end of this month.

It's a magical sight, so look out for the adult glow of the female in gardens, hedgerows, on railway embankments, woodland rides and heath-lands, all of which are possible habitats for Glow-worms.

Good Luck!