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Landmark Moment for Nature Recovery and Climate Change

Delamere Forest Black Bog

Many of you may have tuned into the Wildlife Trusts 'Wild LIVE' yesterday afternoon to hear Environment Secretary, George Eustice, deliver his speech in an online event hosted at Delamere Forest, right here on the Sandstone Ridge.

This major speech unveiled the Government's 'Peat Action Plan', 'England Trees Action Plan' and species reintroduction, in a bid to tackle the climate and nature crises.

Tackling these twin threats can be watched by CLICKING HERE.

The transcript of the speech on 'restoring nature and building back greener' can also be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

In the UK we have lost 95% of our lowland peat bogs. Whilst not typically thought of as an attractive habitat, they are a vital carbon store and are home to many plants, insects and animals, some of which are only found in these areas.

Delamere Forest features a wealth of meres, mosses and bogs — thanks to Forestry England, in partnership with the Cheshire Wildlife Trust, who have undertaken to restore these important ecosystems to their former glory.